Claims Reporting and Managed Care:

The FRSA-Self Insurers Fund has formed an alliance with USIS as our claims servicing company and AmeriSys for our managed care program.

workingWhen you become a member of the FRSA Self Insurers Fund, you are important to our collective success.  Our relationship can best be described as a partnership formed to reduce costs. 

Therefore our goals are:

    • To Provide the most effective medical benefit delivery system to covered injured employees
    • To provide the best possible service to our members
    • Keep the total injury related expenses as low as possible to reduce your overall Workers' Compensation costs


As an active participant in achieving these goals, your role will be to:

    • Maintain a safe and hazard free workplace for your employees
    • Cooperate with the FRSA-Self Insurers Fund Loss Control Representatives who will help you prevent employee injuries
    • Immediately notify the USIS Claims Department at 1-800-444-9098, Ext. 353 of an employee injury
    • You are still required to report all injuries as soon as possible to our claims servicing company USIS.  There are explicit instructions for claims reporting contained in the Managed Care Brochure which is located in your policy manual.  The phone number to report claims is 1-800-444-9098, Ext. 353


As an employer, you are authorized to provide initial medical treatment authorization for your injured employee.  Attached is an authorization form that you may reproduce as needed to send with any injured employee when he/she is seeking initial treatment. 

Early medical intervention and expert administrative help combined with aggressive return to work and safety programs is a winning strategy to reduce the frequency and severity of workplace accidents.



As always, please feel free to contact our office should you have

any questions concerning this information at

(800) 767-3772 or  (407) 671-3772.




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