Dividend History:


The FRSA-Self Insurers Fund is a group workers’ compensation trust essentially owned by our policyholder members, and not a “stock” insurance company owned by outside investors.  When the FRSA-Self Insurers Fund realizes “excess profits” after conservatively reserving for all claims and other liabilities, those excess profits can be deemed eligible for return to our qualified policyholder members in the form of dividends.  Our history of dividends returned to our policyholder members has been remarkable and is detailed below.  Our success has come by having dedicated members committed to safety and loss prevention, and our results speak for themselves.  We know of no other workers compensation provider in Florida who can match our policyholder dividend success.  If you are not in the FRSA-Self Insurers Fund, you should call us today to see if you too can become part of our remarkable success.


Year Dividend

% of Premium Returned

2010 $5,000,000 51%
2009 $8,000,000 74%
2008 $4,500,000 32%
2007 $7,000,000 33%
2006 $10,500,000 33%
2005 $11,000,000 30%
2004 $10,000,000 31%
2003 $8,000,000 33%
2002 $5,000,000 28%
2001 $5,000,000 35%

Our excellent safety services combined with outstanding claims management have enabled us to give back over $100,000,000 in dividends in the past 20 years!


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